Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep Kits

The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep Kit is an ideal solution, bringing together protocols for the removal of human/animal host DNA and extraction of enriched microbial DNA. The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit allows for much deeper sequencing compared to conventional DNA isolation. These kits include the following features:

–  Microbiome Enrichment: The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep contains all materials and reagents necessary to enrich microbial DNA and removal of human/animal/“free” microbial DNA.

–  Contamination-free microbial DNA isolation: The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep contains all reagents, buffers and spin columns required for sensitive and contamination-free microbial DNA isolation.

– Custom assay development: The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep can be combined with Molzym’s ultra-pure mastermixes and DNA-free water.

– Controls: For calibration and validation of sequencing depth Molzym’s internal and positive controls can be combined with the Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep facilitating quantitative NGS approaches.

The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep is the perfect kit for ultra-sensitive identification of a broad range of bacteria and fungi from a variety of sample types:

• Whole Blood

• Synovial Fluid

• Biopsies

• Cerebrospinal Fluid

• Sputum


• Human/Animal Tissue

• Nasal-Wash Fluid

• Urine

• Biofilms


UltraDeep Microbiome Prep Brochure

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Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep (25 Reactions)

Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep (50 Reactions)

Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep10 (25 Reactions)

Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep10 (50 Reactions)

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