Salivary DNA Collection Kit

SimplOFy™ is a new kit for the standardized collection of 2.0 mL of whole saliva in the simplest way possible. The sample is immediately preserved by a dried stabilizing solution coated to the inside of the tube cap, which stabilizes DNA upon contact. The 12 x 75 mm tube is directly amenable to automation, so throughput can be high for extraction and subsequent analysis.



Stability testing on the sample collected and stabilized in the SimplOFy™ Saliva Collection Kit is ongoing, but data shows a minimum of ten months shelf life on the collected specimen, providing peace of mind that after collection the integrity of the DNA in the sample is preserved for long periods of time.


SimplOFy™ Step by Step Instructions – English

SimplOFy™ Step by Step Instructions – Spanish

OEM Options Available

Oasis Diagnostics is proud to produce it’s own kits, and as a result kits can be customized  to your specifications in many ways (custom packaging, choice of plastic color, re-branded instruction materials, and more). Contact Us to inquire about how we can customize this device for your application.

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