PGX-5FU StripAssay®

5-Fluorouracil is a standard chemotherapy treatment for a number of malignancies, but a fraction of patients cannot metabolize 5-FU as quickly as anticipated, leading to an accumulation of high levels of the drug in the blood high levels of the drug: these subjects require a lower dosage or alternative chemotherapeutic agents in order to avoid life-threatening toxic side effects. The PGX-5FU StripAssay®  provides a method to identify those individuals and ensure that the appropriate level of care is given to them. The PGX-5FU StripAssay® detects the DYPD *2A variant.

PGX – 5FU StripAssay® Brochure

  • Kits are based on reverse-hybridization of biotinylated PCR products.
  • Minimal equipment required (thermal cycler, shaking water bath).
  • Technology combines probes for mutations and controls in a parallel array of allele-specific oligonucleotides.
  • Functions using immobilized oligos on a teststrip.
  • Strips show mutations by enzymatic color reaction visible to the naked eye.
  • Proprietary software package (Evaluator™) that aids in data interpretation, storage, and archiving.

PGX-5FU Chart

Variant Detected

PGX-5FU StripAssay® Catalog 4-720

DPYD allele *2A (IVS14+1 G>A)

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