Support Neonatal Salivary ‘Omic’ Research

A new piece of salivary research is currently being voted upon on the National Institute of Healths (NIH) Ideascale site. This research is being suggested by an exceptional researcher and neonatologist: Dr. Jill Maron of Tufts Medical Center. Dr. Marons reputation precede her as one of the original developers of the North American Saliva Symposium (NASS). Any interested in better outcomes for infants may consider visiting the NIH ideascale research page here: Neonatal Salivary ‘Omic’ Research.

If interested in participating in the voting for research subjects, register on this page: After completing registration return to Dr. Marons page and you will have the ability to offer comment and/or  vote for research.

For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.