Oasis Diagnostics in the Local News

CEO Paul Slowey was recently quoted in an article in The Columbian, the leading news and information provider for Vancouver and Clark County, Washington. The article, titled “Clark County strives to capitalize on surging life sciences industry”, discusses the economic climate in the Clark County and the contributors to expected growth to come in the upcoming years.


You can see the full story at this Link, which includes the following quotations from CEO Paul Slowey:

People’s curiosity about their own genetic makeup and heritage will likely drive their revenues this year, said CEO Paul Slowey. He pointed to a competing product, a $79 kit where a saliva sample is used to map their family tree, that sold 1.5 million units on Black Friday.

“All they have to do is spit in a device to get the saliva to basically tell you where you come from,” he said. “That business basically puts saliva in the limelight.”


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