HLA B5701 Strip

The HLA B5701 is a reverse hybridization PCR assay for the detection of HLA B*5701 alleles that are associated with hypersensitivity to the drug Abacavir. Since the introduction of combined antiretroviral therapy, HIV infection has gone from being a serious and fatal disease to one which is chronic but also controllable.

A number of very good drugs are available but some are associated with a series of undesired effects, such as severe hypersensitivity reactions, especially in the case of Abacavir or Nevirapine therapies.

HLA B5701 Product Insert

•  Kits are based on reverse-hybridization of PCR products.

•  All PCR reagents are included in the kit: Taq polymerase, primers and Master Mix.

•  Several kinds of methods have been validated for DNA extraction: salting-out, silica columns, commercial kits (automated extraction), etc.

•  Strips show alleles by enzymatic color reaction visible to the naked eye.

•  Minimal equipment required (thermal cycler, shaking water bath).

•  Automated protocols available for Auto-LiPA / Profiblot and AUTOBLOT instruments.

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