Genvinset® HLA Behçet´s Disease

Real-Time PCR assay

The Genvinset® HLA Behçet´s Disease is a Real-Time PCR assay for detection of HLA-B51 & B52 groups of alleles. This assay features fast results in only 90 minutes, with clear and easy interpretation and results. This assay requires no electrophoresis.

Black Hills belçets Graph

Behçet’s disease is a rare immune-mediated small-vessel systemic vasculitis. This disease is characterized by oral aphthous ulcers, genital ulcers, and uveitis, and as a systemic disease it can implicate pulmonary, musculoskeletal, GI Tract, cardiovascular and neurological systems.

This assay is available in 48 tests size.

Genvinset® HLA Behçet Brochure


  • In April 2021 improvements were made to this kit in the form of modifications to reagent composition and reaction volume. These improvements provide increased clarity and robustness of results.

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