Operon S.A.

Genomic Assays

In the United States, Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation is the authorized representative for Operon S.A. (Zaragoza, Spain) products. Genomic kits from Operon are based on the capture with specific probes of nucleic acids of amplified fragments by the polymerase chain reaction. Kits are typically 16 tests. Operon was established 1973 as a private R&D laboratory in the field of immunochemistry.

Catalog #
Test Description

O – 1001

O – 1002

O – 1003

O – 1004

O – 1005

O – 2001

O – 2002

O – 2003



High PapillomaStrip

High+Low PapillomaStrip

HLA B5701 Strip

CT OligoGen

HSV OligoGen

NG OligoGen


For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.