FishburneTabs™ for Oral Hydration is an accurate, simple-to-use, and eco-sensitive tool to indicate saliva volume changes in the mouth. The FishburneTabs™ was created to answer the questions: How hydrated is the person’s mouth at this moment? How will this finding compare to others taken at another time?

Using a scale of 0-6, oral hydration and, thus, the drying of the oral cavity (dry mouth/xerostomia) are indicated within minutes with the FishburneTabs™.

When developing the FishburneTabs™ our team remained dedicated to a commitment to sustainability and preservation of the environment.  Paper-based and incinerable, FishburneTabs™ do not add to waste removal costs in the lab or the clinic. 

Servicing Industry and Clinicians

FishburneTabs™ provides a new quantitative structure for food and beverage companies looking at the subtleties of saliva stimulation, such as observable changes from modulation of astringency or acidity. 

Corporations developing additives and ingredients to increase saliva flow can employ FishburneTabs™ to provide quantitative evidence as to the efficacy, duration, and impact of their new products. FishburneTabs™ quantitatively demonstrates what has to date been individually-reported data. 

Medical and Dental Clinicians

Clinicians understand that early detection of diminished saliva flow is vital since people may not be aware of the loss until there is a 50% decrease.  People experience costly dental problems such as caries, enamel loss, increased bacterial and fungal infections, new and replacement of restorations.  A drying mouth is the root cause of this cascade of deleterious conditions.  Prevention protocols initiated early can mitigate costs and prevent discomfort and tooth loss. In a clinician’s hands, the FishburneTabs™ answer questions for the patient and indicate when prevention directions should be taken. 

Clinical Research Organizations

A dry mouth profoundly impacts the quality of life.  With a dry mouth as the most prevalent sequelae of commonly prescribed drugs, learning whether a new drug either lessens the degree of dry mouth xerostomia or does not cause the condition can provide a clear competitive edge

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