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Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation targets worldwide markets for its technologies through affiliations with partner companies.

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation is seeking partnerships and qualified distribution partners in territories throughout the world to market its products. Oasis Diagnostics® provides a range of unique and proprietary diagnostic products. For further information please contact the Company at the following:

Company Contacts:

Paul D. Slowey PhD / CEO
15720 NE 31st Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98686 USA
Phone: 360-546-1563
Fax: 360-546-1581
Email: [email protected]


The Company is a major supplier of high-quality saliva based diagnostic tests and saliva collection tools, genomic assays, and ELISA microplate assays.

Email: [email protected]

Licensing Opportunities:

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation is open to licensing its proprietary oral fluid / saliva technologies in selected areas. Contact the Company for further details.

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