A Successful Conference on Cryobiology and Living Biobanking in Changsha

CEO Paul Slowey returned from the 2019 International Symposium on Cryobiology and Living Biobanking (CBLB 2019) today following a great event looking at preserving the myriad of clinical samples being tested upon in today’s laboratories.

“With the continuous development of precision medicine, traditional biobank has been unable to meet the needs of clinical medicine. The emerging technologies of conditional reprogramming (CR), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), organoids 3D culture and Patient-Derived tumor Xenograft (PDX) have created an opportunity for the construction of living biobanks. The technological foundation and direction of biobanking, cryobiology and living biobanking will bring vitality to biobanking in the future.”


Dr. Sloweys presentation stressed the importance of collecting a high quality sample , “Garbage in, garbage out”, the CEO says. Without the use of simple and effective tools, laboratories and their researchers have to take lengthy steps to try to correct for their poor sample quality, and this yields poor results.

Paul Slowey says “The Chinese biobanking business is booming with the largest biobank in the world comprising 10 million specimens [Zhangjiang] in Shanghai China. Several other mega biobanks are planned in the next few years in China as the country of China is investing heavily in the establishment of biobanks to support clinical studies on therapeutic drugs.”

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