Adellgene® Fragile X Screening

Fragile X syndrome is an inherited genetic condition causing a number of developmental issues. These issues include learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. In general males are more severely affected by fragile x syndrome than females.

The Adellgene® Fragile X Screening assay makes determination by fluoresent fragment analysis of the FMR1 CGG triplet repeat region. Also features:

-Detection of healthy and premutated alleles: 10 to 200 CGG triplet repeats.

-Accurate sizing by capillary electrophoresis in genetic analyzer.

-Successful PCR amplification of the CGG triplet repeat region in spite of its extremely high GC-content.

This assay is available in 48 tests size.

Adellgene® Huntington and Fragile X Brochure

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