Molzym Taq Polymerase

Useful for a range of PCR operations, Moltaq plays a crucial role in amplification of DNA for many applications. As an example,  in Single-nucleotide polymorphism, Moltaq sees uses for quality measurement of food and water, for gene mutation research, and many others.

A variety of kits are available depending on your need. These kits will meet your needs for high performance PCR amplification in daily routine. MolTaq is the standard Taq DNA polymerase kit supplying PCR buffer (1.5mM MgSO4) and PCR enhancer for high G+C content targets.

MolTaq Basic enables optimization of PCR amplification by variation of Mg2+ concentration (basic buffer and extra 100 mM MgCl2 solution). Control of accurate pipetting and direct transfer of the amplification reaction to the gel for analysis is possible using MolTaqRED and MolTaqRED basic, respectively.

The following Moltaq products are available:

Catalog #
Test Description






MolTaq Thermostable DNA Polymerase

MolTaq Basic Thermostable DNA Polymerase / Mg(2+) is supplied separately

MolTaq (red) Thermostable DNA Polymerase, red dye for visualization

MolTaq (red) Basic Thermostable DNA Polymerase, red dye for visualization; Mg2+ separately

Hot MolTaq Hot start Thermostable DNA Polymerase

Hot MolTaq Basic Hot start thermostable DNA Polymerase / Mg2+ separately

For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.