MolYsis™ Complete kits

MolYsis™ is a tool for the removal of human DNA and enrichment of bacteria and fungi from liquid samples.

MolYsis™ Complete kits include reagents and materials for human DNA removal, bacteria and fungi enrichment and DNA isolation. The kits guarantee exclusion of false signals by unspecific background amplification thus constituting your standard for extremely high PCR detection sensitivity: enhancement over total DNA extraction can account for up to 40,000-fold.

MolYsis™ Kits are effective for DNA with a range of samples including:

•Whole Blood

•Synovial Fluid

•Pleural Fluid

•Cerebrospinal Fluid

•Ascites Fluid


•Bronchoalveolar Lavage

•Nasal-Wash Fluid


•Blood Cultures


MolYsis™ Brochure

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MolYsis ™ Complete5 (50 Reactions)

MolYsis ™ Complete5 (100 Reactions)

MolYsis ™ Complete10 (50 Reactions)

MolYsis ™ Complete10 (100 Reactions)


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For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.