PhoenixDx® Detection System

The PhoenixDx® Detection System is an RT-PCR-based assay kit for detection of the 2019 Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). COVID-19 is considered a novel human coronavirus which is distinct genetically  from more common human coronaviruses such as 229E, NL63, OC43, or HKU1. These viruses cause seasonal acute respiratory illness. COVID-19 is also genetically distinct from two of the newer human coronaviruses, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV.

This kit is used to detect three different, highly specific, gene sequences which are highly specific to COVID-19: E gene, N gene and RdRP gene. In order to identify a sample as COVID-19 positive, all 3 assays must test positive.

PhoenixDx® Detection System Instructions for Use

For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.