Ideal for Liquid Biopsy and Exosomes

Pure•SAL™ was developed for the controlled and standardized collection of RNA or protein biomarkers from oral fluid specimens for subsequent stabilization and analysis in life science and research applications.

The Pure•SAL™ Oral Specimen Collection System provides a simple non-invasive and rapid platform for isolating “liquid biopsy” specimens including cell free DNA, cell free RNA, exosomes, or proteins in a single step. The harvested, purified saliva specimen is stabilized if required and available for downstream PCR, genotyping, sequencing, proteomics and other applications, depending upon the desired results.

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Principles of the Device

Pure•SAL™ uses a highly absorbent pad to collect saliva, which also acts to remove a high percentage of mucinous material that can cause interference with downstream assays. The Sample is subsequently purified further by expressing the sample through the compression tube of the device containing a proprietary filtration medium that removes additional interferants and large molecules. The purified sample is then directed into a standard collection tube and is stabilized independently for immediate use or stored for long periods of time pending analysis.


Pure•SAL™ Product Insert

Pure•SAL™ Step by Step Instructions

For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.