MolYsis™ Plus kits

MolYsis™ is a tool for the removal of human DNA and enrichment of bacteria and fungi from liquid samples.

A major problem with blood culture PCR is the contamination of DNA preparations with PCR-inhibitors like polyanetholesulfonate (SPS). MolYsis™ Plus is a special solution for the extraction of pure bacterial and fungal DNA from positive blood cultures (0.2 ml). The removal of PCR inhibitors and human DNA allows the reliable PCR amplification of microbial DNA for identification by sequencing and other analyses.

MolYsis™ Kits are effective for DNA with a range of samples including:

•Whole Blood

•Synovial Fluid

•Pleural Fluid

•Cerebrospinal Fluid

•Ascites Fluid


•Bronchoalveolar Lavage

•Nasal-Wash Fluid


•Blood Cultures


MolYsis™ Brochure

For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.