Mastermix Complete

Oasis Diagnostics offers reagents ranging from DNA-free Taq polymerase, MolTaq 16S and DNA-free Mastermix 16S kits. Mastermix 16S Primer and Mastermix 16S Complete for the detecting bacteria by the amplifying a highly variable region of the 16S rRNA gene.

The Mastermix 16S Basic and Mastermix 16S Dye kits are amenable to combination with your own primers, these kits contain all other components required for running the PCR save for the primers.

One example of how to identify bacteria is to take the sequenced amplicons and combine them with online homology BLAST search. Using the Molzym primers will see them bound to specified regions within the amplified DNA (approx. 460 bp), this provides highly discriminative sequences for strain identification.

• MolTaq 16S/18S for bacterial and fungal DNA detection
• Mastermix 16S/18S for basic custom PCR assays
• Mastermix 16S/18S Dye for custom Real-Time PCR assays
• Mastermix 16S Primer for eubacterial PCR assay
• Mastermix 18S Primer for panfungal PCR assay
• Mastermix 16S Complete for eubacterial Real-Time PCR assay
• Mastermix 18S Complete for panfungal Real-Time PCR assay


Mastermix Brochure

For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.