Adellgene® Huntington Disease

The Adellgene® Huntington Disease CAG is a Real-Time PCR assay for detection of the allele of the IT15 gene contains CAG repeats. Kit which detects, by fluorescent fragment analysis, the number of repetitions of the CAG triplet, located in the IT15 gene (HTT). A normal allele for gene IT15 contains 10-26 CAG repeats. Individuals with 27-35 repeats fall into the intermediate range, and their children are at risk of HD. The abnormal range varies between 36-121 alleles; individuals at the bottom of this range may or may not develop symptoms of HD. Expansions greater than 60 repeats result in juvenile onset, while expansions between 40 and 55 repeats induce adult onset.

What is Huntingtons Disease?

Huntington Disease  is a disorder which has progressive  effects on motor, cognitive, and psychiatric disturbances. While the direct causes are not yet know,  the mean age of onset is 35 to 44 years.  Possibly correlated causes include modified repeat length, epigenetic influences, and possibly environmental influences.

Also features:

-Detection of normal, premutated and mutated alleles.

-CAG+CCG kit available to confirm possible homozygosity of the sample.

This assay is available in 16 tests size.


Adellgene® Huntington Brochure

For Research Use Only [RUO]. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.